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Why You Need to Get a Nylon Carpet  

Choosing any type of carpet for your home is a nerve-wracking experience. There are so many choices out there that it can feel impossible to wade through them all. Understanding what each fiber has to offer you is one of the easiest ways to cut through your options fast. Since there are six different materials used to make carpets, you will quickly be able to cut your options down to 1/6 of their original size. While each material has something to offer, nylon in particular deserves some serious looking at. There are so many great qualities to nylon that make it an ideal choice for all your rug needs, and that is probably why more than half of the rugs made are nylon.

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Nylon is an affordable material that can be made in to a very tough rug. While it is not the cheapest material, it is worth the extra cost in many instances. One of the best characteristics is the durability of a nylon carpet. It is the strongest carpet material out there. A nylon carpet can take beating after beating, and remain in great shape. That is why it is the ideal carpet for commercial use in high traffic areas like airports. The fibers hold their shape very well and it is very resistant to abrasion. Nylon is only mildly stain resistant, but most stains can be taken out easily if treated in time. A nylon carpet is also moisture and mildew resistant. It is prone to problems with static, but you would be hard-pressed to find a nylon carpet that didn’t have an anti-static treatment.

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When looking at a nylon carpet it is important to distinguish which type of nylon it is. There are two types -6,6 and 6- and one is better than the other. While type 6,6 costs more money it is a higher quality product than type 6 nylon. Technology improvements have been narrowing the gap between the two types, and type 6 isn’t much worse than 6,6, so if you can get a really great deal on type 6 it might be worth taking.

Now that you understand a little more about why carpets are made from nylon, it should be easier to make a decision at the flooring store. Just do your research before buying, and look at more than one provider before you decide on the carpet you are bringing home.

Solid Hardwood Flooring – Prefinished vs Unfinished

                Wanting to redo the flooring in your house? Solid hardwood comes in a variety of different species, widths, thicknesses, and finishes. Different species of solid flooring may include ash, maple, red oak, and white oak, or exotic species such as Brazilian cherry, or tigerwood. Solid floor has been around for centuries and was at one point the main flooring used. Besides being very sturdy and reliable, solid hardwoods are a beautiful addition to your home. It is always a good idea to research every type flooring to find out what flooring suits your families needs the best.

                Solid flooring can be finished or unfinished. Unfinished flooring is just the way it sounds. It comes straight from the tree as a solid block. It is then sawn through to make strips of hardwood flooring. Once made into strips, tongue and groove is added to each side to make it easy to install. Unfinished hardwood has varying sizes of lengths to make for a flattering look when installed.   Once the unfinished flooring is laid, you can either choose to apply a clear coat to protect the flooring, and to bring out its natural beauty, or you can choose to finish it with a stain.

                The other option of solid flooring is finished solid flooring. This flooring will be finished right out of the box.   Consumers may find this to be more convenient than unfinished, but as always with convenience; it is a little more costly than unfinished. Finished flooring can come in a variety of finishes ranging from light to dark.

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                The best way to lay solid hardwood flooring is to nail it to a sub floor, because humidity and cold may cause the wood to expand and contract, always allow the wood to accumulate before lying to help with this expanding and contracting.   One of the biggest perks to buying solid hardwood flooring is the option to refinish the flooring for years to come. Some hardwood flooring can be refinished numerous times, as much as 100 years for some flooring. Always make sure to buy the best quality of solid flooring so you can avoid knots and less waste.  You can also try solid Duchateau Hardwood Flooring for a new look and style that is just hitting the hardwood flooring market.

                Solid flooring will be an investment in your home that will last a lifetime. Be sure to do adequate research before purchasing so you can be sure to get the particular wood you want for years to come. Solid flooring will add beauty to every room in your house!

                If you have questions regarding hardwood flooring, exotic hardwood flooring, or hand scraped flooring please visit the references listed in this article or visit the source at Truehardwoods.com.